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Tanya La Paglia

Tanya La Paglia is your workshop facilitator.

Tanya has worked in the Arts and Health sector for many years. 

She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Tasmania, majoring in Printmaking and Sculpture. She has a Graduate Diploma from the MIECAT Institute in Victoria. 

Tanya has always focused on the process journey of experiential art making as a platform for expressive communication and storytelling. Art making with clients in both her Art Therapy and Nursing practice has been her passion. An active advocate for sustainability, she promotes the use of resourced materials in all aspects of her life. 

Assemblage Workshops


Make your home your story.

Make your home your story by discovering what you love and creating it, or recreating it. At Assemblage we delight in beautiful and unique pieces. We also delight in creating them, often from upcycling objects we already own, such as pots, plates, art works, fabric, frames, lamps and furniture. Using mixed media design, we can show you how to reinvent drab or dated objects to become designer features in your home that are unique to you. You will also be more thoughtful about disposing of your possessions to buy new, when you can transform what you have into one of a kind ‘originals’.

Assemblage Workshops


Finding a voice.

Finding a voice through creative expression can enhance life choices vital to optimize physical and mental health and well-being, independence, cognitive capacity and resilience.

Our aim is to inspire innovative artistic approaches to traditional making pursuits, transforming them into art forms where the process becomes a journey of awareness and self-discovery for every individual. In these workshops, applying modes of inquiry to art making will explore the possibilities of self-expression, identity and growth. The interactive structure of the workshops will provide participants with the tools to access and build on their own personal attributes.

Drawing Class


What is your medium?

At Assemblage we offer art workshops in printing, painting, mosaic, textiles and mixed media. Workshops are offered onsite and at local artist’s specialty studios. There is great value in acquiring practical creative skills to produce works, but we also encourage you to use these skills expressively in modes of art making that are unique and original to you. At Assemblage, we believe the process of art exploration and experimentation is both the journey and the outcome.

Assemblage Workshops

Not Junk

Resource Room

Not Junk is the Assemblage resource room for creativity, where we visualise the potential in materials and objects for art and design making.

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